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111 years Brohltal-Railway

Dear passenger,

When you read this pages, you are either still planning your ride with one of the most charming means of transportation in germany or you are ready to visit this unique train which has come to be known as the Vulkan-Expreß.

Well, what awaits you is a varied and eventful trip through one of the most scenic valleys of the rhine. Whether you are a tourist, a nature-lover or a railway freak, you will have a restful trip and at the same time experience a diverse natural landscape developed and cultivated by man.

Vulkan-Expreß on Tönissteiner viaduct for tunnel near Burgbrohl                       Foto: Hans Merzbach

Our railway carriages are pulled by steam- and diesel locomotives at a speed of 20 km/h from the town of Brohl at the rhine to the town of Engeln in the eifel. On the way to the half-timbered railway station of Burgbrohl, you will see interesting slate and volcanic tuff rock formations and then cross the Brohl valley via a viaduct 120 meters long and 12 meters high. Just afterwards, the narrow-gauge track with the rare diameter of one meter winds through the only tunnel of the 18 kilometer track. It is a fascinating experience, when the full passenger train pulled by a steam locomotive puffs through this 90 meter tunnel.

A steam train starts at Brohl station

All in all, this is a unique opportunity to travel like in the old days and if the weather is nice, you have the possibility of traveling in our open carriage. Your acquaintances and friends will surely be amazed to hear that you have ridden in a railway carriage cabriolet.

We hope that you now wish to take a ride with us and we - the Vulkan-Expreß team - look forward to seeing you soon.

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